Mailing lists aren’t targeted enough.

Mailing lists are effective, but it shouldn’t be your only strategy.

When a site visitor first submits a form, Harbor can help you capitalize on their initial interest by triggering a 1-to-1 follow-up, targeted to the specific content that they fill out.

If they don’t reply, your quarterly newsletter is still there.


Never lose track of a prospect again

You’ve had this happen before: a newsletter recipient finally reaches out to schedule time, but then you lose track of them over the holidays.

Harbor automatically stores the unique history you have with every prospect. If they stop replying, it can intelligently resume the campaign for you, or remind you to follow up directly.

Harbor keeps track, so you don’t have to.


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Pre-built lead magnets

Don’t have your own lead magnet? Try one of ours

Your Harbor subscription includes best-in-class interactive tools, like the “Financial Health Quiz.” They can be white labeled with your branding.

They’re fun, showcase your expertise, and drive conversion.


Any content, any landing page

Harbor is ready out of the box to work with all the major lead magnets that advisors typically to convert traffic: Whitepapers, Contact Us forms, Personalticy Quizzes etc…

You can use one of our pre-built follow-up sequences for a variety of topics and channels, or customize them for your own firm.


Works with these tools and more…

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