Harbor's Virtual Assistant is priced according to the number of practitioners at your firm.


per practitioner

$165 / month

(with 1-year commitment)


  • E-mail automation direct from your outbox

  • Automatic inbound lead follow-up

  • E-mailable Assistant@ for easy follow-up

  • Pre-built marketing e-mail & lead magnets


per practitioner

$225 / month

(with 1-year commitment)

Everything in Nurture+

  • Intelligent actions: proactively identify lost meetings & automates follow-up

  • Integrated Text & Call Automation

  • Automated CRM logging

  • Analytics & content optimization

  • Single view of interaction across your team: advisor, marketing & admin staff


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Everthing in Growth+

  • Customized automation behavior

  • Team permissions & role management

  • Custom content development

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