Completely Automated Follow-Up

Respond Instantly, and Follow-up Persistently

The Prospecting Assistant automatically detects leads as they come in, and triggers a message within minutes.

The system will persistently follow up until you get a response, and pause automatically when it detects interaction.

Save time and improve conversion with automatic lead follow-up.


Works with these lead sources, and more…


Turnkey Prospect Nurturing

Automatic follow-up, with 6+ months of content proven to deliver conversion

Following up is just as important as capturing the initial contact details. But it can be time-consuming to set up a new campaign and keep it up to date with fresh content.

Thankfully, Harbor’s Prospecting Assistant makes this turnkey. Harbor’s built-in campaigns and fully white-labeled tools like the Financial Health Quiz are optimized to capture attention, and drive engagement.

The result: a 50% higher response rate.


Don’t Take Our Word For It

Watch a video testimonial from Ford Stokes

“I’ve got 5 meetings on our next business day, and 3 of them came through the Harbor Plan system. It’s a good situation”

- Ford Stokes, Active Wealth Management


Review a Case Study with Adam Harding

Harbor’s Financial Health Quiz re-activated several old leads that I had been trying to convert for months. One of those leads is now a $1.5M client. I was really impressed with the results.

- Adam Harding, Adam Harding Investments

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