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Convert More Leads from Your Site

Give prospects a reason to share their information.

Prospects are already flooded with information and newsletter offers. The Financial Health Score captures attention, and drives engagement.

The result: 3x higher conversion rate than typical lead magnets


100% customized for your brand

Professionalize your online presence with a best-in-class interactive tool

The tool is highly customizeable with the things that make your firm unique: your logo, your colors, your voice.

Showcase top-tier technology & expertise, and set your firm apart.


2 Minutes to Set Up

Easy-to-install widget makes it easy to add to your site

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Once you have your unique Financial Health Quiz, you need a “call to action” to actually get visitors to try it.

With our website widget, it’s easy to add it to your site. Just copy-paste a code snippet and you’re live in less than two-minutes.

Turnkey Prospect Nurturing

Automatic follow-up, with 6+ months of customizeable content

Following up is just as important as capturing the initial contact details. But it can be time-consuming to set up a new campaign and keep it up to date with fresh content.

Thankfully, Harbor’s Prospecting Assistant makes this turnkey. Intelligently select from a library of other quizzes and relevant content to stay in front of them for 6+ months.

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