Get your future clients talking

Fully white-labeled interactive tools to create a personal conversation with every lead.

Learn what your prospects care about, and show them the value of good financial advice.


A better way to present financial advice

Harbor's Prospecting Assistant helps you turn leads into prospects, and prospects into happy clients.

Engage and attract new prospects

Light-touch quizzes give your skeptical leads a way to interact with you, transforming them into engaged prospects.

Save time collecting data & qualifying leads

Digital tools collect the details for you, so you can focus on the leads that are the best fit for your practice.

Demonstrate your insight and value

Personalized ideas for every prospect, showing exactly how you can help them and what it's worth.

Keep the conversation going

Automatically send targeted follow-ups to prospects, chosen from a wide library of interactive content.

Key Features


Supercharged lead magnet


Acquire Leads 3x More Effectively


Whether it's on your website, or posted to LinkedIn, the Financial Discovery quiz converts views into leads more efficiently than traditional lead magnets like newsletters or eBook downloads that most people don't have time for.

Attract more leads by offering instant value to the consumer, in a fun and interactive package.

Within a month of adding the Financial Health Quiz to our homepage, we increased our site conversion from 1 or 2 per month to over 10, with much richer financial data.
— Kirsten, Head of Operations at Independent RIA

Designed to capture leads from every channel.

Effortless lead intake and qualification

Avoid Hours of Tedious Phonecalls

Before you even get on the phone, interactive tools handle the busywork of capturing the facts you need to triage your leads, and prepare compelling proposals for interesting ones.

And clients get immediate value, so it never feels like "homework" for them.

The Prospecting Assistant saves me over $2,000/month in productivity by screening the most promising leads for me to focus on.
— Adam Harding, Founder & Principal at Adam Harding Investments

Keep the conversation going


Stay Top of Mind with the Perfect Follow-Up

Prospects don't always become clients right away. The Prospecting Assistant tracks every lead for you, periodically sending personalized follow-up content so you stay top of mind.

Just like the Financial Health Quiz, every item in the content library is fully interactive. That allows you to track engagement and continue learning about a prospect.

Interactive content covering the full range of planning topics.

You're in good company

Harbor serves a diverse group of Investment Advisors and Certified Financial Planners committed to offering better, more personalized advice.


If you're ready to transform the way you engage your prospects, let's talk.