Ideas to suit

Harbor's Financial Health Quiz and Action Plan Preview give clients and prospects ideas that are relevant to them.  The software breaks down financial planning ideas into five categories: debt management, insurance, retirement, saving and budgeting, and wealth management, so that any user can find something improve.


Saving and Budgeting

Are you saving enough, do you know how your spending compares, are you on track for your financial goals, are you maximizing your employee benefits?


Wealth Management

How is your money invested, are you paying too much, are you using the right account types, how have you addressed specific market concerns?



Do you have enough income, how do you limit volatility, when should you take Social Security, do you have an estate plan?


Debt Management

How do you improve your credit score, can you refinance your mortgage to pay down debt, should you save up money or pay down debt first? 



Do you have the right insurance protections in place, are you hedged against market losses, how would becoming disabled impact your family?