software to maximize your SOCIAL SECURITY benefits


If you're like most Americans, working through the rules and regulations of Social Security can be overwhelming.

Our planning software guides you through the thousands of possible ways to claim, to the right answer for your situation.

Get started by trying out our free Basic Planning service--no credit card information required. 

Learn more about the features included in our free Basic Strategy and premium Complete Strategy.

Harbor finds the right strategy for you

Our expert software will guide you through all the major factors that make your situation unique:

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Delaying can raise your benefit amount, but might not be the right strategy if you have short-term income needs or health issues. 


      Social Security is only part of the picture. We provide complete retirement planning, so your strategy will fit with your overall retirement plan: goals, investments, and more.



      Married couples have literally thousands of ways to claim benefits. A good strategy can result in tens of thousands of dollars more in benefits that many people miss out on.


      Get help understanding complicated eligibility & claiming rules, and maximize what you're entitled to as a survivor, divorcee, dependent or parent.

      We've helped thousands of Americans find the best way to claim benefits for their situation.

      START with the basics for free

      Start with our Basic Strategy service for an accurate benefits estimate and optimization. At any time, you can upgrade to our Complete Strategy service, which includes all our advanced strategies, and filing assistance from Harbor.


      COMPLETE Strategy

      $40 for Lifetime License

      BASIC Strategy

      Completely Free for Life

      Benefits Estimate
      Extremely accurate estimates of monthly benefits.
      What-if Scenarios
      Compare unlimited scenarios for when and how you claim.
      Overall Retirement
      See how Social Security affects your overall retirement readiness.
      Ongoing Support
      E-mail questions to specialists at any time.
      Spousal Strategies
      Auto-compare thousands of strategies to find $1000s in extra benefits.
      Special Benefits
      Get help with special rules claiming benefits for survivors, divorcees, and others.
      Filing Support
      Have a Harbor specialist complete all your claims paperwork.
      Complete Retirement Planning
      Access to Harbor's full suite of comprehensive retirement planning services.

      12 months included!

      more than just social security

      In addition to Social Security, every Complete Planning license comes with 12 months of access to Harbor's comprehensive retirement planning tools, so you can feel confident about every aspect of your retirement plan--a $150 Value!

      And more...

      • Online software with no download required: compatible with  Mac, Windows, and Android
      • Safe and secure: NO Social Security number or names needed, all data stored in highly secure data-center