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We offer every user a free, basic plan review. It's our suggested starting point for everyone.  If you'd like more in-depth support and thorough plan, consider enhance your plan with our Certified Harbor Plan service.


Basic Plan Review

Completely Free

Review your plan with a Harbor specialist over video chat.

certified harbor plan


Enhance your plan with a Certified Financial Planner.

Detailed Review
Walk through your plan with an expert to ensure financial accuracy
Retirement Goals
Customize your plan with personal goals
Action Plan
Get a 5-year goal calendar to help you achieve your plan
Ongoing Support
E-mail questions to specialists at any time
Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
Review your plan with a certified expert (learn about CFP)
Investment Guidance
Portfolio review and recommendations
Detailed Financials
Detailed tax and cash flow plan
Online tools
Ongoing access to Harbor's goal tracking & plan assistance tools

Free for the first 12 months
Stay Up-to-Date
Monthly updates on your plan progress and re-prioritization

Free for the first 12 months

Not sure which option to choose? Start with a basic plan review, and you can always get your Certified Plan after.