Refer: Increase client referrals

Referrals from existing clients are as good as gold.  They convert at a much higher rate than other business development efforts, the relationships last longer on average, and they will tend to be similar to existing clients in terms of assets, goals, and needs.

However, generating referrals can be difficult and delicate business given how busy clients might be and how situations vary.

Working closely with Cornerstone Advisor Services of  Baltimore, MD we analyzed how many client referrals they were receiving per year from their existing client base and existing referral generation methods.  Cornerstone was driving roughly 0.2 referrals per client in 2017.

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Then, we compared their average referrals per client before Harbor with the average referrals per client after they started using Harbor, keeping constant the number of referral requests that were made.  The results show that Cornerstone is driving 150% more referrals per client by using Harbor's Financial Health Quiz -- and its extremely easy for them.


I can’t imagine an easier way for a a client to pass along what I do for them to a referral


Referring with Harbor

Clients are eager to pass the Harbor experience along to friends and family.

Clients are eager to pass the Harbor experience along to friends and family.

Asking for a referral with Harbor is significantly easier than by a traditional word-of-mouth or email methods.  Current clients enjoy the experience of the Financial Health Quiz and are excited to pass it along. 

Prospective clients are engaged holistically from the beginning, and through the Health Quiz give insight into their core priorities and concerns, so you can respond and serve them most effectively. 

A more nurturing approach

Installing Harbor on your website takes less than a day, but can make an overnight difference in how you attract the attention of clients and prospects.  Get in touch with for a demo of Harbor's capabilities.