See how your spending stacks up


We pulled together data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, so that you can compare your spending to the spending of peers in the same age and income bracket.  Use the calculator below to see how the average person in an age and income bracket spends.


Other Ways to Compare

Knowing whether you are spending more or less than your peers can be a good first step in deciding whether you want to adjust any of your own spending.  If you want to go even deeper, to see how you stack up relative to peers, you can use the Harbor Planner for free to get additional insights related to:

  • How much you have saved for retirement
  • How you invest your money
  • How much credit card debt you have
  • How much you pay in unnecessary fees each year
  • How long your savings will last in retirement
  • And more... 


As always with the Harbor Planner, you'll find free, high value recommendations for how to improve .  For example, within the "Budgeting and Savings" module, you'll find rights to to automatically cancel subscriptions, what savings accounts are most suited to your situation, and how to set up a budget online.  Try the Harbor Planner for free at the button below to see how you compare and to get personalized recommendations for how to improve. 

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