Insurance that pays you for living

Longevity insurance is guaranteed income for life.  It's the best deal out there for those who plan to live past 85


Who SHould use it:

Who shouldn't use it:


If you think you'll live past 85, you can be paid back multiples of your original investment in longevity insurance

If you don't live past 85,  your estate will be refunded the money you put in to buy longevity insurance


How it works?


Step 1: Create a free retirement plan and see if longevity insurance fits in with your situation 


Step 2: Buy longevity insurance from insurance company

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Step 3: The insurance company invests your money until you turn 85

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Step 4:  Starting at 85, receive guaranteed income the rest of your life



A strategy to keep up with your plans

See how longevity insurance rewards you for living longer, shields you from market shocks, and ensures you never run out of money

Resources for learning more about longevity insurance

Get help from Harbor with figuring out if longevity insurance is right for you.

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