Pre-Formatted E-mail Template Library

Harbor has many pre-generated e-mail campaigns to help you maximize your outreach, and get more out of the Planning Discovery Suite. Use them with our Automatic E-mail Generation tool or Contact Us to get templates to use with your Newsletter management software (eg. MailChimp).

Requesting a Referral from Existing Clients

1. Help us spread the word

Offer existing clients a helpful tool (the Financial Health Quiz) that they can share with friends and family.

Referrals can put your client in an awkward situation, but giving them a "sweetener" that they can share with friends & family makes it feel less like an obligation, and more like a favor. That means more referrals for you, and happier clients

First outreach to a new contact

1. How can I help you?


If you meet a prospect at an event, or a lunch & learn, how do you follow up? With a generic pamphlet or brochure?

This e-mail helps you make a strong first impression by promoting the Financial Health Quiz as a starting point. You convey value and expertise, while also collect valuable screening data to help you triage your leads.

Retouching a Warm Lead or Lapsed Client

1. What's the Value of Planning?


Many prospects put off hiring an advisor for months due to the high perceived expense.

This e-mail positions the Financial Discovery tool as a way for them to directly calculate their "Planning Potential": how much they could gain by working with you.

2. One Action Item at a Time


Finances can be intimidating. A big part of what you do is simplify your clients' problems and focus them on what's important.

Use the Financial Discovery tool to show prospects the tangible, concrete way that you'll help them build up their financial success over time. 

3. Get your Financial Health Score

Simply put: prospects like having things to play with.

Compared to a generic "blog post," a Financial Health Quiz is compelling, engaging, and impressive.

This simple e-mail uses the Financial Health Quiz to give your clients a reason to re-visit your site, and build up your credibility.

Nicholas Moy