Instantly Creating Pre-Formatted Prospecting E-mails

  An example automatic e-mail.

An example automatic e-mail.

The Planning Discovery Suite includes an Automatic E-mail Generator that instantly creates attractive, pre-formatted prospecting e-mails in just a few clicks.

These e-mails are great to send to mailing lists, individual prospects, or existing clients, inviting them to try your Planning Discovery tools.

The e-mails are fully formatted, with your branding, contact information, and links to the tool. All it takes is a few clicks!

Let's explore how to use this tool

Step 1: Access the E-mail Generation Tool

Log into your Advisor account (link to log-in). On the main dashboard, the E-mail Generation tool is accessed by clicking the "Invite New" button next to the title.


Step 2: Choose your Desired Template

Input the name and e-mail address of the Person you wish to send the e-mail to. Then select from one of a number of pre-designed template e-mails

The template e-mails are optimized to drive engagement with your firm, leveraging the interactive tool as a "magnet". There are different templates depending on the situation and your objective (meeting follow up, referral request, prospect retouch). Click here to see all the samples.

Step 3. Check Inbox for Email, and Forward to Recipient

After you click "go," you will receive the automatically generated e-mail in your inbox, addressed to the recipient you specified in Step 3.


Click the "Forward Message" button, and delete the forwarded message details .

If you like, you can go through the e-mail to make any edits you want to the message.

Then click send, and wait for the user to give the tool a try! You'll receive a notification as soon as they start the onboarding process.

As always, reach out to the support team at if you have any questions.

Nicholas Moy