Watch the video above to see how makes it effortless to track and nurture every prospect.

Remembering to follow up

  • When you follow-up with someone (eg. after a meeting), just remember to bcc ""

  • The contact will be tracked automatically:

    1. If they do not respond, they’ll get follow-up

    2. If they do respond, the follow-up will be paused, but you’ll be alerted if it stalls out again.

Follow up with every lead, without having to log it manually.

Following up before and after events

  • If you have an upcoming workshop or seminar, forward the event or list of attendees to ""

  • The system will automatically determine the appropriate action:

    • If the event is in the future: send a Workshop Reminder sequence to confirm attendance.

    • Once the even has passed: send Workshop, No Appointment sequence for all prospects who don't have appointments on your calendar—to encourage them to book time!

Increase attendance, and maximize your booked appointments.

Reminding you of opportunities

  • The assistant will continuously look for opportunities to nurture your existing prospects

  • You’ll get periodic suggestions for contacts that you can reach out to, and pre-written campaigns designed to convert those conversations.

Never lose track of any conversation.