What is Harbor Plan?

With our free tools we aim to provide "80% of the value of financial planning, for 20% of the effort, and 0% of the cost".  We create a clear picture of your readiness for retirement and we help you map out a plan for achieving your retirement goals while ensuring your money lasts.  

It's very difficult to know how much you need for retirement, and to factor in how different decisions from when to take Social Security to how much you plan to travel will impact the picture.   We will deliver you a multi-year plan with step-by-step instructions for actions you can take to improve. 

Harbor is your partner for making sense of it all.

How does it work?

The math isn't new.  Whether it's your retirement date, how much you are spending, or what lifestyle choices you make, there is a lot to consider that will impact your financial future.  However, most things come down to how they impact either your income or your expenses.

We do the math for you to roll up your choices and consideration into a plan for how much income you'll have and what your expenses are likely to be.  With those two things in mind, we can make recommendations for improvement in ways that fit with your goals. 

How should I use it?

You should use Harbor to diagnose your financial situation, to educate yourself on financial decisions, and to create a plan of your own for how to spend your money in retirement.   You can come back and update your plan as often as you'd like if things change.  And the more information you give us, the better our recommendations are likely to be for you. 

What makes it different?

It's free.  Most financial planning services are expensive and hard to understand.  We have built an experience that captures the important elements planning and managing your retirement and we have made it free. 

You can update it anytime.  You can save your plan and, as the market changes or you make decisions you want to revisit, you can return to it any time to update your plan and get a current view.

We are impartial and work for your best interests.   We aren't beholden to selling you our own financial products.  Our interests are in delivering you the highest quality advice we are able. 

We cut out the noise.  We believe that simple is better so we work to distill complex situations into simple choices.  

We help you make the decisions, but we don't make them for you.  We are advisors not salespeople.  We share the insight we have accumulated and act as a sounding board so you can take control and know exactly what you are doing an why. 

We focus on retirement. Everyone recommends the same path up the retirement mountain -- save as much as you can and invest it in the stock market.  However, no two people take the same path coming off the mountain.   We create a roadmap for how you can spend money in retirement to best accomplish your goals -- including not running out.

How do you make money?

We make money from advertising and from referring people who want additional help to places they can find it.   

What if I have other questions?

When you have questions that our online tools don't answer, give us a call or send us an email.  We may have advice for you, and if we don't we will get to work on finding you an answer.

What if I don't have much money?

Regardless of your financial situation, we think paying less taxes, having a little more money, and protecting yourself from unnecessary risks are still good ideas!