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Matt has been running Fairholme Wealth Management, a financial planning focused RIA for six years.  He's 38 years old and since the beginning of Fairhomle, has prided himself on staying up to date on the latest technology.  He has a modern CRM system, he retouches clients and prospects regularly with an email campaign, and he even conducts some of his yearly planning meetings with clients via video conference.  He uses e-money advisor to help clients plot out a detailed cash-flow plan, often amazing them a the level of depth he goes to in his planning services. 

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Just one problem... Though Matt receives consistent site traffic from his local FPA Board, the CFP Board, and his affiliation with the XY Planning Network, he wasn't converting traffic to conversations at the rate he wanted.  Specifically, less than 1% of visitors to Matt's site would either submit their email or schedule time to speak with Matt.   Users were finding a modern, professional site, but there was very little for them to actively "do."  A newsletter signup served as the most interactive experience Matt could offer, outside of a meeting or phonecall.


Harbor helped me almost double the amount of time clients spend on my site and almost triple the number of emails I capture each month


Using Harbor as a lead magnet

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Harbor was able to triple the number of e-mails Matt is collecting on a monthly basis, by helping Matt focus on a clearer, more engaging call-to-action. 

Matt reoriented his site to build around the "Financial Health Quiz", drawing users into an interactive 'lead-magnet' that delivers free value to the consumer and that teases the additional value Matt can provide.



In addition to focusing on the "Financial Health Quiz", the use of Harbor's tools provided a clear path from which users could find out more about topics of interest to them and informed Matt of what those interests might be. 

Matt's follow up with prospects and his ability to further improve his website can be informed along the lines of how users are actually interacting.

 How people interact with the quiz can determine which approach to take

How people interact with the quiz can determine which approach to take

A better lead magnet

Installing Harbor on your website takes less than a day, but can make an overnight difference in the performance of your site in attracting the attention of clients and prospects.  Get in touch with for a demo of Harbor's capabilities.